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Solar Egas Moniz

A unique and lovely spot in Northern Portugal. Personal attention and warmth are key words here, and this, combined with the originality of the design, is what distinguishes this place from many of the other (big) hotels in the region. And this region is genuinely worth to explore!

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Panama Post

Ever since travelling through Costa Rica over fifteen years ago, I’ve always been a bit homesick for this part of the world: the wildlife; the people, the scenery and the Spanish flair…they’re all so unique for Central America. As you will understand, Panama was on my wishlist as well, but considering the prices for flights from the Netherlands and neighbouring countries, I decided to wait until the time was right. And my patience was rewarded, for these days several airlines (KLM and Lufthansa among them) offer affordable direct flights to this country, which enabled me to realise my dream last May.