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The story of Monteverdi is one of “renaissance”, the rebirth of a tiny village. This hamlet is situated on a hill with a sweeping view of the constantly changing fields of the Val D’Orcia. Here you will find a stunning and ambitious project, where nostalgia blends perfectly with the modern demands of the spoiled traveller.

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Tuscany 'under the radar': LH style!

Some years ago I visited Tuscany for the first time. Together with my love, I toured all the highlights…wonderful, but rather too touristic for me. And to think that I was travelling in October, which is the low season. Considering this region’s popularity, I decided to try and find Tuscany’s other side for Local Hideaways. For this region has a certain romantic flair: wherever I am in the world, people are always talking about Tuscany or dreaming of going there and many books have been written on the subject. This is hardly surprising, for in addition to its famous art treasures, popular cities, quaint little villages and the well-known sloping green hills covered with cypresses, Tuscany also boasts some incredible wines and a wonderful cuisine: the “complete package”, so to speak.