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Baan Pra Nond

Finding a Local Hideaway in the overcrowded metropolis of Bangkok is a nice challenge. For this city (population almost 9 million) is for the main part dominated by large hotels, hardly suitable for the Local Hideaways concept. But I found a lovely charming Bed & Breakfast, with only 8 rooms, located centrally in the city centre.

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Cambodia... past, present & future!

Cambodia has an illustrious past, but for the last couple of years it has proved a stable and easily accessible country for travellers. And tourists heed this call massively, for not only Europeans and Australians have discovered it, many Asians also travel through this marvellous country. And this is understandable, for travelling through it is fairly easy, it offers great variation and the locals are the most friendly and hospitable people you can imagine. But you shouldn’t wait too long to go here, for, contrary to its neighbour Thailand, Cambodia is as yet still clear of western commercial superpowers….although the first Starbucks is planned to open in December 2015.