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Green Rooms

This brand new place in North London, easy accessible with the Piccadilly line, brings social entrepeneurship to this metropole. Artists (of any kind) can book a discounted stay at this vibrant place, there is a bed for every budget. What stands out is the staff, they give this Hideaway a face and they really make the difference!

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Longing for the Douro Valley... Saudades!

Last September I visited the Douro Valley again. This time, I had been invited to join a press trip. Usually, I’m a bit hesitant when it comes to such invitations – especially since Local Hideaways is a collection of accommodations carefully selected and visited by myself…And I want to remain as independent as possible. But, having been to the Douro region before and considering the fact that I already had one Local Hideaway there, I took my chances. And I didn’t regret it for second!