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Our Jungle House

Beautifully located Hideaway at the foot of the NP Khao Sok. Secluded bungalows and treehouses which offer a lovely outdoor experience: the sound of the running river, the chirping cicadas, the beautiful garden with its lush green and bright flowers, the view of the limestone cliffs that constantly change colour. An enchanting place!

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Longing for the Douro Valley... Saudades!

Last September I visited the Douro Valley again. This time, I had been invited to join a press trip. Usually, I’m a bit hesitant when it comes to such invitations – especially since Local Hideaways is a collection of accommodations carefully selected and visited by myself…And I want to remain as independent as possible. But, having been to the Douro region before and considering the fact that I already had one Local Hideaway there, I took my chances. And I didn’t regret it for second!