Seville has been one of my favourite Spanish cities for years, thanks to its perfect combination of culture, delicious food and drinks (tapas capital of the world!), great shopping, beautiful parks, sunshine and above all being truly Spanish. Finding a contemporary hotel in this great city is a bit of a challenge though. There are of course plenty of hotels but most of them are very classical and I personally find it more stirring when  mixed with modern characteristics. Up to Local Hideaways standards I found a hotel where these contrasts are perfectly combined and it is conveniently situated in downtown Seville where you can enjoy this city to it’s fullest: Hotel Corral del Rey.

Tucked away in a small alley of the old neighbourhood Alfalfa you will find the 17th century Casa Palacio, a beautiful monumental house where old elements are admirably mixed with contemporary design and luxurious details. The house also has a fantastic rooftop terrace with gorgeous views of the famous Cathedral and GiraldaTower, and offers a refreshing plunge pool for hot days. This specific building houses 6 rooms and you will find 6 more rooms and a penthouse with a private terrace and outdoor plunge pool in the opposite building. The rooms range from Superior to Junior Suites.

I stayed in one of the Deluxe rooms in the annex. Delightfully comfortable with a small built in kitchenette with an espresso machine, a high tech sound system for your personal taste of music, a bed you wished you had at home… so snug and with quality linen. But most impressive was the bathroom: very modern with a double rain shower and a glass wall which allows you to look outside without anyone being able to peep in  (at least I hope so), so cool! At night all the action is at your doorstep – just a 2 minute walk – and with the tips of the hotel staff you will find the best restaurants and/or tapas bars. After a perfect night rest a fresh breakfast is served the next day in the cosy breakfast/bar area of the hotel to find yourself fully recuperated to hit the city again!

In short, Corral de Rey is an absolute recommendation and an urban oasis in busy Seville. The perfect place for a luxurious city trip for two or, even better, in combination with its sister hotel Hacienda de San Rafael: a beautiful estate situated half an hour from Seville… So you can experience best of both worlds, city- and country life.