I still have clear and fond memories of the accommodations that I used to visit with my parents when I was little. For instance, I remember this beautiful old French mansion we used to go to. It had a restaurant with an aquarium and a gravel driveway where we could walk the housedogs….And that little German holiday home, with those basement bedrooms that smelled so musty but were lovely cool in the warm summer!

When I was old enough to travel by myself, this passion only grew. Finding that one special address is só rewarding. I can honestly say that it is a hobby that has got out of hand, for no one I know asks to see the other rooms when checking out;-).

Friends and relatives have always told me I was crazy spending so much time looking for that ultimate holiday destination. But at the same time, they always turned to me when they were planning their own holidays…’Would you by any chance know…?’ And now my husband and children are an equally enthusiastic part of my research team….”Mum, have you finished taking those pictures already so we can finally start unpacking ;-)?!

And so, in 2013, when influencers and bloggers were still something of a rarity, I decided to take the plunge and, combining my Marcom knowledge, creative skills and passion for travelling, I set up my own business: Local Hideaways. An independent and carefully selected collection of authentic, small-scale, one of a kind and different accommodations. All of them hand-picked and visited by me personally, to ensure that they are truly as wonderful as they claim to be and where I can direct those people who will match perfectly with the Hideaway! The places that you would really, really like to keep all to yourself because you don’t want everybody else to end up here. But hey, how often do you really return to the same place?!

And if you can’t find your perfect Local Hideaway among my fine collection, I will be happy to find you one through a customised search, just say the word!

Happy travelling!

Esther van Onna