The directions I was given were perfect and I reach my destination via an unmetalled road. It is always exciting to discover where I will end up this time. Ahead of me, a small, salmon pink stucco kasbah appears. I experience an immediate “wow” moment, especially when I enter through the gate and taking in the magnificent setting: a spacious and lush garden with beautiful plants, flowers and tortoises that surround the various multi-coloured buildings on this plot.

When I was planning my trip to Essaouira, I was looking for something different to add to my collection of Hideaways….an accommodation outside the city where the quiet of nature could be combined with a busy city life. And then I met Dominique, an intriguing French lady who has lived in Morocco for quite some time now and has built her life here. She is the owner of Baoussala, a fabulous refuge, hidden among argan and eucalyptus trees. This Hideaway only counts six suites in various sizes: accommodating 2 to 5 persons . Upon my arrival, I am welcomed most warmly by Rachid, one of Dominque’s employees, who shows me around the estate. I’m impressed by the spaciousness and wonderful atmosphere of the rooms. Each room is unique in style and very comfortable.

In the middle of the garden is a swimming pool with deck chairs, lounge sofas and hammocks. The perfect place to finish all those books you haven’t gotten around to reading lately. Not feeling quite relaxed enough? Maybe a visit to the hammam or indulging in a luxurious massage is what you need. In the evenings, a lovely three-course meal is prepared and served in the large living room with open fireplace. And you won’t have to leave for lunch either! Afterwards, you can wander out to the central courtyard for a lovely cup of Moroccan tea: how wonderfully uncomplicated life can be!

Baoussala is the perfect place to rest and recharge your batteries, and the kids will have a wonderful time playing in the garden and swimming. But also, it is a great base from which to visit Essaouira and the beautiful, deserted beaches surrounding it. When will you go?!

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