“Why rent a villa if you can stay in a whole village?!” according to a renowned British newspaper, is the right way to describe Castelnau des Fieumarcon

As you enter the township through the big stoned porch you are thrown back in time and warmly welcomed by Didier, the manager on site.
Castelnau des Fieumarcon is a 12th century medieval fortified township set on a hill overlooking the beautiful area. After the village was deserted and run down, a local family bought the town in 1978 and started to rebuild it to its original state. Sixteen of the thirty-two houses are now available for rent. And what an impressive place this is, the restoration of the houses and gardens has been done with so much care and attention. Beautiful flowers and fruit trees grow and bloom everywhere in the gardens and along the paths. From the thick walls that surround the township you have breathtaking views of the fields and villages in the neighbourhood. The interior of the houses is far from medieval, but carefully blended into the style of the village without any loss of comfort, and for hot sunny days there is even a shared pool.

All the houses are different in size, shape and atmosphere. I stayed for instance in the smallest house, le Cercle, the old pub where during Napoleonic days propaganda was made accompanied by a glass of beer or wine and a game of billiards. It was a comfortable space with two bedrooms ensuite and a private garden. Castelnau des Fieumarcon is also a unique place to arrange a wedding or other event, in consultation with Didier almost nothing is impossible.

But what impressed me the most was the bliss of exploring all the hidden spots within the fortified township. At dusk you can sit outside and enjoy a glass of local wine with small bats flying out, and count the vast amount of stars in the sky… Queen or king for a day in your own village!