Saskia has travelled the world. During her youth but also after she graduated from university, she spent great lengths of time abroad. She experienced  all different styles of accommodations: from murky backpack rooms with damp mattresses and no windows, to luxurious honeymoon suites with all sorts of modern luxuries. As often is the case with travellers she took her local travel memories back home to treasure them and to relive them from time to time by putting them in an imaginative ‘glass box’. This was the start of Saskia’s plans to actually capture the ultimate travel sensation within your own surroundings, close to your beloved ones and without the constant uneasy longing to be on the road again. Thus, the project  ‘Hello I’m Local’, a renewed hostel concept, was born. With a tremendous amount of guts, creativity and focus Saskia achieved in June 2012 (in cooperation with Amsterdam Urban Renewal) the restoral of 4 beautiful old buildings, which had been abandoned for years; the start of her dreams coming to life. Situated in a small hidden street in Haarlem, in the city’s centre of the town, now sits this perfect base for exploring the cool city of Haarlem.

Mrs. Local Hideaways can safely proclaim  that this is a unique concept (all in a name!). The 12 different rooms are not only colored in  local themes (for example the VOC – Dutch East India Company – Colony Map Makers room or the A.J. van der Pigge room – named after one of the first pharmacists in Haarlem) but also designed for different kind of target groups. Consequently, the venue achieves a great mix of different kinds of guests from all sorts of places… the big advantage of being a hostel. You can find  8- and 14 person dorms, but also private family rooms and private rooms for two. There is something to suit  everyone’s needs. The distinctive part of this hostel is the fact that a lot of time and material has been invested for comfort and styling. Every room has good beds and linen, a power shower etc and are beautifully decorated with funny or quirky details. My children for example, have been whining for  a swing in their own bedrooms since our stay in the Local Costume room – guess what!

On the ground floor you will find a cosy communal area with a bar where you can mingle  with locals and other guests.  A perfect place for a drink, a bite or a good breakfast. During summer months you can sit yourself on the patio with the cosy fireplace. The staff is more than friendly and can advise you where to go. Do you want to experience Haarlem ‘local style’? Book a city walk guided by a local citizen who knows all the hidden spots in the city or rent a bike! By the way, the beach is a stone’s throw away… so I imagine you will run out of time visiting this unique place!