Okay, it was obviously something I couldn’t ignore any longer…..there are so many people who book a holiday to Ibiza every year and all of them are hugely enthusiastic upon their return. I’ve been asked: “have you never been to Ibiza??!” countless times. “Euhh, no!” And to think that I love Spain so much. In the mean time I had secretly developed a huge prejudice against this island. All I could see was groups of middle aged women friends on the loose, adopting a hip Ibiza look complete with the obligatory tattoo, hipster wannabes with wrinkle-free faces raving about lovely it was to return to their beloved island every year…. And in my head this picture became larger and larger and my reluctance to go to Ibiza grew accordingly. But the travel expert in me admonished me to get rid of these prejudices quickly…and so I decided to compromise: I would go to Ibiza in the off season, when the island is asleep and belongs to the Ibicencos (the locals) once again, which would suit Local Hideaways better.

And so I found two lovely Hideaways, one of them a bit more budget location and the other one luxurious, and I spent a long weekend exploring the entire island, only to draw one conclusion: what a beautiful and surprising island Ibiza really is, especially in the low season, when the going is slow, nature awakens and the large masses are still safely at home! A perfect destination for a weekend or longer… a welcome break from the cold and grey Northern Europe….You’ve won me over!

It was on a Friday in February, after a 2,5 hour flight from Amsterdam, that my love and I checked into my first Local Hideaway on Ibiza: Hostal la Torre. Right on time…..for Hostal la Torre is tucked away in a bay on the western part of the island and – weather allowing – with a first class view of the sunset.

And it was magnificent! Picture this: a lovely terrace with ditto drink, pleasant company and in the background the relaxed tones of the La Torre DJ…time to start enjoying the phenomenal spectacle of the air constantly changing colour. MAGICAL. It was one of those moments in life when everything is just perfect. And this was in February, when the temperature in the Netherlands was -5°C!

Next, we enjoyed a perfect dinner in the La Torre restaurant, after which we went to bed feeling all rosy. Hostal la Torre is a small scale and affordable place to stay on Ibiza. The rooms are comfortable and range from small double rooms without balcony to spacious junior suites with balcony (as much of a recommendation as the double deluxe rooms) that sleep three adults. Note: Hostal la Torre is “adults only”.

The next morning we woke up to another sunny day and after a sumptuous breakfast it was time to discover our surroundings. Meandering roads lead to stunning hidden bays and also to the charming village of Santa Agnes de Corona, which is quite close by. I was right in time for the almond blossom: an abundance of almond trees colouring a light shade of pink while spreading an intoxicating smell. Santa Agnes is perfect for long walks and enjoying a ‘cortado’ – a small cup of coffee with a dash of milk on the terrace of the local bar!

What a perfect start to my Ibiza trip. Hostal la Torre is the perfect starting point for discovering the quiet northern part of the island as well as the southern and eastern part, which are only a half an hour’s drive away!

For me, the time has come to continue my journey to my next Local Hideaway on this island….with a sunset that is forever etched in my memory! It’s all about location!