Travelling to Morocco for Local Hideaways without visiting Marrakech? That’s a definite no-go….but, in the myriad of riads in the medina, the ancient walled city, it was hard to find a hideaway that met Mrs. Local Hideaways’ requirements and was also different from the rest. I therefore decided to literally distance myself and look for that one special place off the beaten track: for instance in the Palmeraie. The Palmeraie is a 12.000 hectare, oasis-like area of palm trees just northeast of Marrakech, only a ten minute drive from the busy city. This is where I found you an exceptionally beautiful hideaway: Les Deux Tours.

Hidden behind thick walls is a green paradise: I enter a garden that is wonderfully lush, with colourful flowers and little turtles living in the various ponds. Lemons and oranges grow on the many trees and the bougainvillea, at its most beautiful this time of year, colours the clay walls beautifully….wow, and to think this is only the garden! I can’t wait to spend the night here!

The hotel has  13 rooms, 12 Junior Suites, 6 Premium Suites and 6 Pool Suites which are spread around this ‘secret garden’.  They are located in several  villas, that were built in Arabic – Andalusian style. This immediately takes you back in time to the 1920’s: when many Europeans travelled to Morocco and brought the grandeur of the French Riviera to the African continent. That all sounds nice enough as a concept, but les Deux Tours actually makes it work, and the atmosphere is genuine. Wondering around the estate, you will be struck by a sense of nostalgia everywhere you go. These are no remnants of the past, on the contrary, everything at Les Deux Tours is in perfect harmony with the present and the exotic, without making you feel uncomfortable. And this is a welcome change from the sleek and modern design of many hotels these days.

All rooms  are different  and very comfortable. Mrs. Local Hideaways was lucky enough to spend the night in one of the Pool Suites… so much space, such a giant bed and with a bathroom that was practically a hammam….I could get used to such luxury very easily! Speaking of luxuries, a visit to the spa, with its lovely organic Nectarôme products, will certainly be worth your while. In the garden, you will find a large heated swimming pool for guests to enjoy the year round. For even in winter, temperatures can get as high as 25 degrees here (although the nights will be significantly cooler then). And if you wish to visit the medina in Marrakech, a shuttle bus will take you there three times a day.

At night, when the lanterns are on, the garden turns into a tale from One Thousand and One Nights. High time for a pre-dinner drink in the bar, followed by a delicious Mediterranean-Moroccan dinner in restaurant La Salammbô. People drive over from Marrakech to have dinner here especially, which is saying something!

After a refreshing night’s sleep and a lovely and sumptuous breakfast, it was unfortunately time for me to leave already. But not after having promised I would return to this unique and special Local Hideaway, and hopefully very soon!!

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