Wow, was I lucky to be able to return to Berlin so soon after my first visit last December 2013! And in the summer this time….’Berlin revisited’! I was off to a hotel I had already read a great deal about in the press … To tell you the truth, because of the extensive media coverage I doubted whether it really fit the  Local Hideaways profile. Well, let me tell you:  this is a Local Hideaway if ever there was one! What an unique and extraordinary place!

First of all, I can’t imagine a more suitable location for the Michelberger Hotel than Berlin. For it really is the embodiment of Berlin: a creative, social, alternative and modern melting pot. It is hardly a standard hotel but rather the result of a group of friends and soul mates giving shape to their ideas! The concept, in which anything goes and where a creative vibe is ever present, blossoms under the inspiring leadership  of Tom and Nadine. And they have done a great job, for the Michelberger Hotel is a genuine and organically grown organization, not some preconceived concept. Instead of involving expensive marketing and advertising agencies, a creative team was given carte blanche and everyone here works on a basis of equality. The employees all feel part of “the Michelberger family” and are therefore very dedicated, which is quite unique!

Coming through the front door, you step into the hotel’s living room: an enormous lounge area with bookcases and lazy couches. It is directly connected to the bar, where you can get a lovely fresh cup of coffee, a bite to eat or a drink mornings through nights (and don’t forget to try the Michelberger booze!). A large inner court serves as a lovely terrace where you can enjoy a  wonderful lunch during the summer months. The restaurant is perfect for dining the night away with creative dishes to share.

And the rooms….they’re all different and a lot of creativity went into decorating them. For instance, I spent the night in a spacious loft room with a large double bed on the mezzanine and a downstairs sleeping couch. And it had a great shower! But the hotel also has larger rooms where you can stay with family or friends, varying from a room with four beds (the Band Room)  to a room with six beds, two bathrooms and an enormous table (the Big One).  And for a romantic getaway for two there is the Cosy Room.  And  there is more: for instance, there are several themed rooms: The Chalet Room, The Gold Room, The Library or ‘Room with a View’. All have comfortable beds and a great shower, some of them even have a bath and, above all, they were all decorated with creativity and style. It is highly possible that, next time you visit, the rooms will look completely different, for that’s how things are done at the Michelberger Hotel; nothing is  too crazy or impossible. To give you an idea: when I was there, two rooms were turned into a pop-up beer bar where you could watch the FIFA football matches! And, by the way, don’t forget to try the wonderful breakfast, sumptuous and very tasty!

Several times a week, the events team organises a performance, an exhibition, a secret gig or a similar activity at Michelberger Hotel. Once again, it’s all in the details, whether it be the homemade coconut water, served in ultra-hip designer cans (the Fountain of Youth); the surprising doors in all the multifunctional areas or the music playing in the restrooms: hilarious, I can still hear the “drink the coconut water”  tune in my head, while in the gents, they were playing corny German football songs (Schlager songs)! This certainly put a smile on my face and that is exactly what the Michelberger hotel is about. It is not a hotel for extreme hipsters, but it’s a place to gather for those of us who are young at heart and unconventional… is an elixir of life!
The Michelberger Hotel is a unique spot in a unique city! Berlin is calling…..when can I go again?!

Picture credits (except #3/6/11): James Pfaff