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starting at € 180,- per night

Perfect Family Resort

All the ingredients for a perfect holiday are here…. very family friendly but also very suitable for (romantic) active couples. This is a big resort, but no worries, it is very spacious. Different restaurants and pools, a great spa and watersports make your stay memorable!


“Isn’t that one of those heavenly tropical islands in a sapphire blue ocean with white sandy beaches?” I was often asked when I told people my next Local Hideaways destination would be Mauritius. Indeed it is, but is it also a stunning green island, a melting pot of cultures with colourful markets, spectacular nature and beautiful people. It is located off the southeast coast of Africa, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, and the main language here is French. Several years ago, I had been here with my family and thought it was a stunningly beautiful island then, so it was great to be able to return here a decade later. It is quite a long flight, but totally worth visiting this tropical paradise!


First of all, I visit a resort in the northern part of the island. A resort??? Yes, really, many accommodations on this island are resorts. This is the first time the term ‘small scale’, usually one of Local Hideaways’ distinguishing features, doesn’t apply. But please don’t let this stop you, for this place is a lovely holiday paradise, perfect for the active traveller, and also great for a stay with children. After a warm welcome, the first thing I notice is the vastness of this resort. It is really spacious!

Lovely holiday paradise!


My room, a Junior Beach ocean view front room, is located on the ground floor and comes with a private garden with lounge seats and direct access to the beach. Incredible! Very airy and light, with a great bed and an enormous open plan bathroom with super rain shower. That’s the way I like it, and it’s obvious that even the tiniest details were carefully thought out. High time to open the chilled bottle of champagne that’s awaiting me and raise my glass to Mauritius. It’s is wonderful to be back here. There are different types of rooms to cater to the needs of all kinds of travellers, for instance those travelling alone, with kids or couples on their honeymoon.

Different type of rooms

ZA_restaurant Lor Disab 02

And then…..minor panic attack, for where shall I have dinner tonight? In addition to the buffet restaurant there are also a fine dining restaurant on the beach, an Indian restaurant, a Chino- Mauritian restaurant and you also have the option of going to a small uninhabited island for a BBQ lunch – TIP! Luckily, I’m staying for several nights , so I can try them all. Buffets are not really my thing, so this restaurant wasn’t my favourite. However, had I been here with my kids, I’m sure they would have wanted to eat here every night.
But the other restaurants are very good, the food is varied and the waiters are attentive and kind. I thought the fine dining restaurant was especially unique, sitting there barefoot in the sand with the waves rolling by. Breakfast is buffet-style and is só good. Lots to choose from, an abundance of fresh fruit, fresh eggs prepared any way you like them and a wonderful barista who made me the perfect cappuccino!

Different restaurants!

Of course you can chill out at one of the pools or on the beach, perfect if you want to get started on that book that you never found the time for, but the active traveller will find plenty to do around here as well. There’s snorkelling (a boat will take you to the reef), diving, surfing, supping, tennis, beach volleyball etc. etc. And most activities are inclusive in your stay! For kids up to 12 years of age there is a fun kids club that organises all kinds of activities. All these activities will wear you out, of course;-). So there’s nothing for it but to relax in the spa: they offer lovely treatments in stunning tropical surroundings!

I can’t wait to return to this Hideaway – hopefully with my family next time – for it has all the ingredients for a lovely holiday!

Child friendly

Cascony, Frane